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We make rainbows We make rainbows

Rated 3 / 5 stars

What a cute game, and really great for your first game with Stencyl! :)

I really loved the idea of lighting up all the colors of the rainbow to unlock the gate. It was a really colorful and visual way of displaying a player's progress. I also thought the creative game over/retry scene was really neat!

I think the game is great with a wider platform field (I played a little earlier and had problems falling out of the clouds!) but I can definitely see why it might not visually be an ideal solution. For future games, you could consider using primarily block shapes (like clouds in the shape of a block) or Stencyl's custom collision shapes, for more precision collisions perhaps?

But overall, love the effort you put in! :)

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AnnTenna responds:

Wow! Thanks for the detailed review! I'm glad you liked my idea of the game!

As for forms of platforms, of course, I will not repeat the mistakes again. I wanted to make an unusual and had not thought before, it can be inconvenient to the player.

Thanks again!